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Hi & welcome to the Willow Alexander Franchising marketplace

We are a certified carbon neutral Home & Garden service provider on a mission to revolutionise the way we care for our clients and the planet.

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Why is being carbon neutral so important?

No one can ignore the fact that we need to stop climate change...

…and the only way to do that is to reduce our carbon emissions – this is the carbon released when we drive vehicles, use tools, purchase products and carry out everyday activities, including our jobs. All businesses will need to start thinking about how they do this so we’re offering you a head start, while doing all the hard work for you.

Becoming carbon neutral makes good business – and common sense:


will choose a brand with a sustainability story over their existing supplier.

(Source: The Consumer Goods Forum)


want brands and services they use to help them be more sustainable.

(Source: Futerra)


will pay more for a sustainable product or service.

(Source: IMPACT)


of sustainability claims made online could be classed as greenwashing.

(Source: CMA)

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Our roadmap includes getting certified as carbon neutral by an independent accreditation scheme so you can share your status transparently and avoid any accusations of greenwashing.

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We have partnered with ECOLOGI to further offset any of our personal emissions so we can be truly climate positive

We are on a mission to make Home & Garden Maintenance services
as clean and green as possible. Come join the revolution.

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Check out where it all began with our flagship
Franchise, Willow Alexander Gardens.

Caretakers for your piece of Earth

The Willow Alexander Gardens Team

Join us

Become part of a gardening revolution

Being climate conscious is the driving force behind Willow Alexander.

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We’ve been connecting people to their outside space for 20 years and our mission is simple: to design and maintain beautiful gardens with minimal impact and maximum benefit.

Everyone needs to play their part to reduce global warming before it’s too late and we believe that our industry must start to be more responsible and accountable, to its customers and to the planet. Small businesses that are doing things the right way can be incredibly powerful in making this happen. There are 23 million gardens in the UK and this gives us the opportunity to make a real difference, from the ground up.

Willow Alexander invites you to join our Franchise network, placing you at the forefront of the climate conscious horticultural movement as part of the UK’s first carbon neutral garden maintenance company.

One of the Willow team planting plants

‘To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow, to do it sustainably is to make sure there is a tomorrow’.

How we did it

We are creating an honest and well-intentioned grassroots movement that extends beyond our business.

Two very happy members of our team having completed another great job
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We want to share this formula not just to help others build a brighter, cleaner and greener future for themselves and the world around them but also to create a community of like-minded horticulturists who take pride in what they do.

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co2 neutral

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Electric fleet
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Climate positive workforce

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One of our van fleet being plugged in to charge
One of the Willow team designing a garden
One of the Willow team leaf blowing
An automated lawn mower
One of the Willow team chain sawing a log
One of the Willow team leaf blowing
One of the Willow team trimming a hedge

The idea of being more sustainable in gardening is more than just being conscious of our carbon emissions. We believe we all should be gardening with a conscience and make daily decisions to help make less of an impact on the environment around us.

— Samuel Collett, CEO

How our franchise service works

Our model is simple. As a Willow Alexander Gardens Franchisee you will run your business for yourself, but not by yourself.

With your own dedicated exclusive territory, you and your team are responsible for developing and maintaining customer relationships and delivering climate-conscious garden maintenance throughout your region. Delivered through the unique Willow Alexander subscription model, this means a regular and more sustainable income for you throughout the year on top of the other gardening related work you get in.

Our in-house tech will help you to seamlessly market, manage and book your jobs – taking all of the headache out of running a garden maintenance business. We give you back the time to focus on growing your business responsibly.

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Willow Alexander products & services

Willow Alexander Gardens offers an array of bespoke garden care services from Garden restorations and clearances, lawn care and general garden tidies to full services design and build programmes.

Our regular maintenance programme has been in operation for over 20 years with some of our clients dating back as long.

We offer a simple model that has been the backbone to what we do and with our subscription packages you can offer our service year round with the knowledge that you are receiving regular monthly income with no hassle. This can provide great relief for those winter months.

Additionally, we are official installers of Plantbox vertical gardens and Envirobuild composite decking which gives you multiple entry points to upsell our services.

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Why choose a Willow Alexander Franchise?

​​We all love the idea of being our own boss, doing something that we truly want to – and something that makes a difference to this World. Imagine combining that with the lifestyle that you’ve always wanted and a chance to make significant financial returns.

We are rightly proud of what we stand for, but believe that green practices and good business can still go hand in hand.

Your own roadmap to certified carbon neutrality

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As part of your initial franchise fee you will be given help and support in year 1 by our inhouse sustainability team to become certified carbon neutral by One Carbon World.

As part of your initial franchise fee you will be given help and support in year 1 by our inhouse sustainability team to become certified carbon neutral.

Your company will receive its own certification and you will be able to promote to your customers that you have achieved this worthy and prestigious milestone.

Our business model is designed to help you work and live more sustainably, helping you, your clients and the planet.

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One of our beautiful Willow Alexander Gardens Vans
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Stand out from the crowd

From our beautiful vans, to the unique look of our uniform – there is no mistaking a Willow Alexander gardener from the competition. With a belt & braces approach to our delivery, our gardeners create an instant connection with their customers as the uniform and vans make them feel familiar.

Trust plays a big part in what we do and by taking pride in how we deliver our service our clients have peace of mind that their property is being looked after by people they know.

We know that the thought of running a business can be daunting. There is a lot to do that distracts from the reason that you probably are reading this – you want to be out there gardening. Our support helps to make all of those things easier for you.

Caring about the planet isn’t optional

Working with Willow Alexander and following our carbon neutral roadmap helps you future-proof your business against any upcoming legislation that may be introduced as we get closer to 2030. This is the year the government has set to achieve its first ambitious targets for the reduction of Greenhouse Gas Emissions in the UK

What you get from us

One of the Willow team shaking hands with a valued customer
A close up of a Willow Gardens van
A desk layout with a laptop and a cactus

We are really proud of the support we provide at Willow Alexander, and when you start your journey with us you can expect us to be with you every step of the way.

01 —

Initial launch training on how to run your Franchise

02 —

Roadmap to become a certified carbon neutral company at the end of year 1

03 —

Exclusive discounts and preferential rates with brand partners

We are really proud of the support we provide at Willow Alexander, and when you start your journey with us you can expect us to be with you every step of the way.

04 —

Start-up package with own branded uniform

05 —

Exclusive access to our private marketplace

06 —

Fully branded design assets for your Vans & POS

We are really proud of the support we provide at Willow Alexander, and when you start your journey with us you can expect us to be with you every step of the way.

07 —

Website presence and lead generation

08 —

Access to dedicated field management & CRM software access to operate virtually

09 —

Your own territory version of our main website

What we need from you

Planting a new shoot

Sustainability is at the heart of what we do, and we want people that share those values.

We want to build a community of gardening professionally dedicated to helping each other and the world around them. We have made it easy for you to get started and dive right into a new career.

We also have an open minded, inclusive and modern outlook on the garden industry so are looking for franchisees that want to be part of a business that think differently.

Beyond that, here’s what we’re looking for in our franchisees:

Be part of the tribe

Be part of the Tribe icon

Our investment packages start from £15 000 with your roadmap to certified carbon neutrality included in year one.First Year income up to 100k with 1 vehicle with multiple options to expand.

A Hard Worker

Our ambition at Willow Alexander Gardens is to be the nation’s most sustainable gardening company. We need people that share that vision and will put in the hard work both in the garden, on growing their business and on keeping up to speed with developments in eco-horticulture.


We strive to push boundaries, provide a premium service and want Franchisees that understand the value that comes from this.


Having the experience of running your own business, or years of working in gardens are not crucial – part of becoming a Willow Alexander franchise is that we will train you from the ground up.

A landscape photo of a well maintained garden

We aim to win the war on climate change one garden at a time. Join us, hand to glove to garden towards a greener, more sustainable future

Next steps


Get in Touch icon

Get in

Once we have received your enquire we will quickly be in touch to find a time to talk.


Arrange Initial Meeting icon

Arrange initial meeting

We will then arrange a follow-up meeting or video call, where you can get more information on our business.


Discovery Day icon


Come on in to meet the team at our Head office, and to see one of our teams in action.


Due Diligence icon


We are happy to work with you as you take your time to understand if this is right for you.


Business plan and loan icon

The business plan & loan funding

We will help you to create your business plan and to secure funding if needed.


Sign Franchise Agreement icon

Franchise agreement

Once you are good to go. We will sign the agreement together.


Launch Training icon

Launch training

With all of the paperwork taken care of it's time for our launch training at Head office and in the field.


Business Launch icon

Business launch

We will help you to get your business set up, your marketing on and your first customers lined up.

Join us

Hand to glove to garden towards a greener, more sustainable future.

Become part of our growing business

Please give us a few details, and one of our team will be in touch to talk through the opportunity.


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